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Selected Articles, Features and Reviews.

Print, Web, TV, Radio.


2018 CNN "Andrea Arroyo - Unnatural Election"

2018 “Andrea Arroyo” Arts in the City. CUNY-TV, New York City (Upcoming.)

2017 Univision National News “Andrea Arroyo: Unnatural Election”

2017 NY1-TV “Andrea Arroyo: Unnatural Election”

2016 NY1-TV “Andrea Arroyo: Tribute to the Disappeared”

2016 Univision  TV “Andrea Arroyo, an artist in the Community”

2016 NBC TV, Visiones “Andrea Arroyo” Interview by Lynda Baquero.

2016 NY1-TV “Andrea Arroyo: Boundless Exhibition”

2016 “Conversations about Feminist Global Advocacy” MNN Comm. Media, NYC.

2015 Televisa International “A Rose in Harlem” by M. Cespedes. watch
2015 NY1-TV “Your Weekend Starts Now” S. Simon.
2015 Televisa International “Viva la Vida” by M. Cespedes.
2015 Illy“A Cup of Creativity”, Milano Expo Video
2015 Mujer Latinas Radio, Mora-Mowry, L. “Andrea Arroyo, A Rose in Harlem” Listen
2015 NY1-TV “Artists from NYC Mourn Loss of Friend in Paris Attack” S. Simon. Watch
2015 NY1-TV “Amigos de persona asesinadas en revista Charlie Hebdo” D. Then. Watch
2014 Sanchez, D. "Andrea Arroyo "Memories Interlaced" Awaken, Inspire, Create watch
2014 Camarena, F. "Artist uses Art to fight injustice" Telemundo.
2014 “Dos Generaciones” interview with M. Saucedo, Mexican American Radio.
2014 “Dos Generaciones” MigraUSA
2014 Mora-Mowry, L. "Artist Andrea Arroyo" Mujer Latina Today.
2013 Katz, H. “Tap Into Your Inner Goddess with Andrea Arroyo” Inkandescent Radio
2013 Sanchez, D. "Women Inspired" Awaken, Inspire, Create watch
2012 "Andrea Arroyo - Arte femenino en el mes de la mujer" NY1 Noticias-TV watch
2012 "Andrea Arroyo- Femenina" Mujer Latina Today.
2012 Andrea Arroyo- Women Unbound" The Manhattan Times watch.
2011 WPIX11-TV The Morning News "Andrea Arroyo Sacred Women" L. Mateo watch
2011 NY1-TV "Great things to do in NY - Sacred Women Exhibition" S. Simon watch
2011 NY1 Noticias-TV "Matrimonio de artistas mexicanos" A. Soto watch
2011WNYW-TV Good Day Street Talk "Harlem Art" Hosted by Tai Hernandez.
2011 WomenWorking  "Andrea Arroyo - Boldly Inspired by Mythology" watch
2010 NBC-TV, Today in New York "21 Leader for the 21st Century, Artist Andrea Arroyo"
2010 NY1-TV Simon, S. "Mexican Artists Become Fixture In Washington Heights" watch
2010 CNN en Espanol "Andrea Arroyo" A. Hauser.
2010 NY1-TV Your Weekend Starts Now "Artist Andrea Arroyo"  S. Simon.
2009 NBC-TV, Today in New York "Artist Andrea Arroyo" feature by L.Baquero, watch

2008 LatiNation, National"Artist Andrea Arroyo", interview with the artist, watch
2008 CW11-TV Morning News "Andrea Arroyo" exhibition feature by L. Mateo
2008 NY1-TV The Arts Report "Artist celebrates women" feature by S. Simon, watch
2008 Univision 41-TV New York Al Despertar, A. Martinez, interview with the artist.
2007 NY1-TV, The Arts Report "Reaching for the Stars Mural" feature by S. Simon.
2007 The Art World, Voice America "Andrea Arroyo" interview.
2007 Good News Broadcast "Andrea Arroyo" Interview with the artist.
2006 Univision TV, International Despierta America "Andrea Arroyo" 
2006 Univision Radio National Broadcast "Andrea Arroyo, Official Artist of the Latin Grammys" interview with the artist.
2006 Univision Radio NY Cara a Cara, "Andrea Arroyo" interview with the artist.
2005 Univision 41 Al Despertar, A. Martinez, interview with the artist.
2005 Telemundo 47 Noticiero al Mediodia, Odalys Molina, interview with the artist.
2002 Swiss TV "9/11/01 Reactions exhibition at Exit Art" interview with the artist.
2002 Manhattan Network Mexicanos, R.Vazquez de Lara "Andrea Arroyo.
1999 NY1-TV "Outstanding Latinas of the Year" Jeannine Aguirre.
1998 National Public Radio-Radio Bilingue "Artist Andrea Arroyo".
1996 BronxNet-TV, New York "Mythologies, an Art Exhibition by Andrea Arroyo" Exhibition Feature.
1994 WABC/USA Nat'l Radio Broadcast, Ana Carbonel "Rumbo al Exito: Andrea Arroyo"
1993 National Public Radio USA, Radio sin Fronteras, A.Riordan "El Arte de Andrea Arroyo"
1989 TV Channel 11-IPN National, Mexico, P.Vega "Andrea Arroyo" Profile of the Artist.
1989 Radio Educacion, Hoy en la Cultura, Mexico, P.Vega "Two Mexican Artists in New York"



2019 González Méndez, J. “Andrea Arroyo- The Best of Both Worlds” Milenio.

2019 Spinazzi, R. “Andrea Arroyo – EMPOWER” FanyBlog, Italy.

2018 CNN "Andrea Arroyo - Unnatural Election

2018 "Andrea Arroyo - Women in Flight" The Manhattan Times.


2018 "Andrea Arroyo - Mujeres en Vuelo" Notimex International.

2017 "Andrea Arroyo ; Me Too" The Manhattan Times.

2017 “Andrea Arroyo: The Me Too Movement” Viceversa Magazine

2017 “Andrea Arroyo: Unnatural Election” Univision National News.2017 “Andrea Arroyo: Unnatural Election” Milenio.

2017 “Andrea Arroyo: Unnatural Election” The Frontera Fund

2017 “Unnatural Election: Artists Respond to the US Presidential Election” The Z Factor

2017 “Unnatural Election Exhibit” The Manhattan Times.

2017 “Andrea Arroyo: Art Can Change the World” Viceversa Magazine

2017 “Andrea Arroyo: Unnatural Election” Quevedo Humor Institute

2016“Andrea Arroyo: Unnatural Election”

2016 “Andrea Arroyo, The Women of the Mansion” NBC News.

2016 “Andrea Arroyo: Unnatural Election” Viceversa.

2016 “Catharsis: Unnatural Election” The Manhattan Times.

2016 “Andrea Arroyo: Tribute to the Disappeared” The New York Times.

2016 “Andrea Arroyo exhibits in the oldest house in Manhattan” Notimex International

2016 “Andrea Arroyo: Tribute to the Disappeared” The New York Times.

2016 “Harlem's Andrea Arroyo Visits Touro Graduate School” Harlem World.

2016 Conde, A. “Art Collective Calls Attention to Mexico’s missing students” NBC News.

2016 Hidalgo, X. “Artist Andrea Arroyo: Tribute to the Disappeared” Impacto News.

2016 “Women in the Heights” The Feminist Observer

2016 “Andrea Arroyo: Tribute to the Disappeared” Viceversa.

2015 Craig, G. “Tribute to the Disappeared” Auburnpub

2015 Alvarez, M “Viva la Vida” El Diario NYC.

2015 “Celebrate Dia de Muertos”

2015 “Andrea Arroyo: Celebrating the Resilience of Women in Art” Women Working.
2015 NY1-TV “Your Weekend Starts Now” S. Simon.
2015 Zavala, L. “Andrea Arroyo: A Rose in Harlem” Raíces al Aire
2015 Berger-Wegsman, G. “Arroyo Honors Harlem Women” The New York Daily News.
2015 “Andrea Arroyo, Art and Social Change” The Manhattan Times

2015 Alvarez, M “Viva la Vida” El Diario NYC.
2015 Hidalgo, X. “Viva la Vida” Impacto New York
2015 “Celebrate Dia de Muertos”
2015 Morgan, Elisabeth S. “Feminist Spotlight, Andrea Arroyo” Medium.
2015 Alvarez, M “A Rose in Harlem” El Diario NYC.
2015 Guerrero, M. “Arroyo rinde homenaje
a las mujeres de Harlem” Notimex
2015 “Rinde mexicana homenaje a mujeres de Harlem en NY” Unica
2015 Hidalgo, X. “A Rose in Harlem” Impacto New York
2015 Forgenie, C. “Go See Tribute to the Disappeared” Flavorpill
2015 Conde, A. “Artists Create Digital Quilt In Honor Of Missing Students” NBC News.
2015 Alvarez, M “Sugar Hill” El Diario NYC.
2015 Cuello, E. “The Stroll Hits Its Stride” The Manhattan Times
2015 Mallonee, L. “A Virtual Quilt of Remembrance for Mexico’s Murdered Students” Hyperallergic.
2015 “Spread Love: Tribute to the Disappeared X Caravan 43 NYC” Uptown Collective.
2015 “Andrea Arroyo, I am Paris…” The Manhattan Times.
2015 Alvarez, M “Una Rosa Enamorada de Bello Lugar” El Diario NYC.
2015 Guerrero, M. Andrea Arroyo hace tributo a Harlem in situ” El Economista
2015 Ortiz, K. “Manhattan artists honor victims of violence through art” The New York Daily News.
2015 Schwietert Collazo, J. “With art, Latinos in US respond to Ayotzinapa” Latin Correspondent.
2015 Puga, K. “Remembering Slain Cartoonist from Paris” NBC.
2015 S. Simon “Artists from NYC Mourn Loss of Friend in Paris Attack”
2015 D. Then “Hablan amigos de persona asesinadas en revista Charlie Hebdo”
2015 Guerrero, M. “…Límites de libertad de prensa” Notimex International
2015 “Andrea Arroyo, I am Paris…” The Bronx Free Press.
2015 Rivera, N. “Charlie Hebdo” Proceso
2015 “Tribute to the Disappeared” Lilith.
2015 Conde, A. ''The Sculptor: Latino Comic Book Artists Weigh In” NBC News.
2015 “A Virtual Quilt of Remembrance for Mexico’s Murdered Students” Uptown Collective
2015 Cruz, A. “The Art of Mourning: Remembering the 43 Missing Mexican Students” Vivala
2015 “A Virtual Quilt of Remembrance for Mexico’s Murdered Students” Uptown Collective.
2015 Rivera, N. “Charlie Hebdo” Proceso
2015 “Tribute to the Disappeared” Lilith.
2014 Art and Music in Celebration of Women's History Month. The New York Times.
2014 Reeher, J. “Featured Feminist: Andrea Arroyo” The Feminist Observer.
2014 Mazzocchi, S. “Temporary and Precious” The Manhattan Times.
2014 Wang, B. and Hahn, Y. “Hereafter Puts Feminine Power on Display” Columbia Spectator.
2014 Castellanos, M. “Andrea Arroyo, an Award-Winning Artist…” LatinPost.
2014 M, Astrid “Andrea Arroyo: Mi obra explora el estatus de la mujer…” La Casa de Viena.
2014 "Mexican Artists uses traditional cloths as canvasses to show resilience of female spirit" Latina Lista
2014 Mazzocchi, S. “Keen Craft and Care” The Manhattan Times.
2014 Eberhart, J. “The Women of Sugar Hill” Examiner NY.
2014 Guerrero, M. “Mexican Artist Paint to the Rhythm of Jazz” Notimex International.
2014 “The Women of Sugar Hill” Uptown Flavor.
2014 “Una guerrera del arte que se inspira en las mujeres” El Diario NY.
2014 “Celebrating Women Through Arts” The Morningsider.
2014 "Andrea Arroyo, Celebrates Minorities and Femininity" El Diario NY.
2014 Aristizábal, A. “2014 Outstanding Women of New York” The Huffington Post.
2014 “Andrea Arroyo, Celebrates Minorities and Femininity” El Diario, New York.
2014 “Celebrating Women Through Arts” The Morningsider.
2014 Martin, C. “Hispanic Women Honored by El Diario” El Diario, New York.
2014 “Women’s Rights NHP Celebrates Hispanic Heritage” New York History.
2014 “Dos Generaciones: Mexico and New York” GoArtKids
2014 “Tribute to the Disappeared” Nagari Magazine.
2014 Schwietert Collazo, J. “With art and music, Latinos in US respond to Ayotzinapa” Latin Correspondent
2013 Higgins, N "Art Exhibition: Women Inspired" The New York Times.
2013 Katz, H. “Tap Into Your Inner Goddess with Mexican Artist Andrea Arroyo” Inkandescent.
2013 Eberhart, J. “Memories Interlaced” Examiner NY.
2013 "Andrea Arroyo" Latina Spotlight, New Latina
2013 Mazzocchi, S. “Goddesses at the Center” The Manhattan Times.
2013 Del Rio, I. “Sirenas y Mitos de Mujeres Mexicanas. El arte de Andrea Arroyo” Yareah.
2013 “La Mujer, un objeto de admiración” El Diario, New York.
2013 Guerrero, M. “More than 5000 people visit Andrea Arroyo’s exhibition” Notimex.
2013 Kick, R., "Andrea Arroyo - The Dancer" The Graphic Cannon, Seven Stories Press.
2013 Ewing, H. “Contemporary Artists Interact with a Historic House” Rutgers University
2013 “Women Unbound” Culture Watch, National
Museum of Women in the Arts.
2013 Mazzochi, S. "At the Crossroads of Art and Activism" The Manhattan Times.
2013 Slaiman, R. “Graphic Canon Art Exhibition” Latin Trends.
2013 McGlown, M "Andrea Arroyo Honors a City's Lost Girls" Of Note.
2013 "Andrea Arroyo's Exhibit Seduces New York" El Economista
2013 Walters, J. "Celbrations, Women in the Heights" The New York Daily News.
2013 "Arte Hecho e Inspirado por Mujeres" El Diario, New York.
2013 "Andrea Arroyo's Art on Display at Women's Rights Park" Seneca Daily.
2012 Richardson, C. "Artfully Historic... Andrea Arroyo Unveils Women Unbound in the Historic Mansion" The New York Daily News.
2012 Time Out New York, Museums "Women Unbound"
2012 Hernandez Beltran, R. “Mexican Artists Exhibit at New York’s Oldest Mansion” EFE, The Latin American Herald Tribune
2012 Mazzocchi. S. "What Would Martha Say?" The Manhattan Times.
2012 Gibbs. H. "Artist and Activist Andrea Arroyo" Truly Amazing Women who are Changing the World.
2012 Puga, Kristina "Andrea Arroyo celebrates women everyday through her art" NBC
2012 Villavicencio, A. "Andrea Arroyo takes on women’s issues through art” Being Latino
2012 Conde, A. “Mexican Artist’s Tribute to Aztec Deities, Latin-American Heroines and the victims of Juarez" Univision News
2012 Peña, A. “Inauguran en NY muestra de la mexicana Andrea Arroyo” La Jornada & Notimex.
2012 Garcia, S. “Andrea Arroyo celebrates courage and beauty” The Manhattan Times.
2012 Schwietert Collazo, J. “Art to Celebrate the Female Body for Women's Month” Fox News Latino.
2012 "Spotlight on Andrea Arroyo, Artist - NYC" Inkandescent.
2012 "Arte femenino en el mes de la mujer”
2012 Diamond, B. “...Northern Manhattan's burgeoning arts scene on display" The New York Daily News.
2012 Aburto, G. “Muestra de tres maestros de la caricatura…” El Diario NY.
2012 Guerrero, M. “Caricaturistas mexicanos presentan sus obras en NY” Notimex
2012 US Embassy Montevideo-Art in Embassies Catalogue. US Department of State. 
2012 Foderaro, L "Painting Bryant Park, While Adding to Its Charm" The New York Times.
2012 Ledezma, C. "Arte Hispano Embellece el Metro de NY" El Diario.
2012 Hernandez, R. “Artistas Mexicanos Exponen en la mansión más antigua de NY” Terra
2012 Whites-Koditschek, S. "Where Washington Walked" The Uptown Chronicle.
2012 Quintin, M. "Women Unbound" EFE
2011 Sussman, A. "Woman of the Week: Andrea Arroyo" Women in the World Foundation.
2011 The New York Times Community Affairs "Sacred Women" Pick of the Week.
2011 "Daring: Andrea Arroyo-Art Without Borders" WomenWorking
2011 Herrera-Mulligan, M. "the Inspirational Art of Andrea Arroyo" Fabulosamente Latina.
2011 Soto, A. "Matrimonio de artistas mexicanos exhibe sus creaciones"
2011 Pena, A. "Montan dos artistas mexicanos exposicion en Nueva York" Notimex
2011 Torrens, C.  "Mexicanos se unen en NY para celebrar Cinco de Mayo" AP Int'l..
2011 Herrero,  R. "Pasado, presente y futuro del 9/11" El Diario, NY.
2011 Bolsted, Erika "American culture still grappling with 9/11" McClatchy Newspapers.
2011 LMCC Grantee Andrea Arroyo curates September 11-Past, Present, Future" LMCC.
2011 Pena, A. "Recuerdan latinos y migrantes el "11-S" Notimex, CNN Mexico.
2011 Pyper, Julia "Art exhibit seeks to foster dialogue on 9/11"
2011 Mays, J. "Artists Invited to Seek New Canvas on 125th Street"
2011 El Diario La Prensa NY "Exposicion celebra el Dia de los Muertos"
2011 "Strong Notable Ladies Featured in Sacred Women Exhibition"
2011 El Diario de Mexico "Andrea Arroyo pays tribute to the Women of Juarez"
2011 Pena, A. "Artistas Mexicanos Celebran el Dia de los Muertos" Milenio
2010 Hutzer, K. "21 Leaders for the 21st Century- Andrea Arroyo, Rememberer of Women"  Women's eNews.

2010 "Meet a NYFA Artist: Andrea Arroyo" NYFA

2010 Romero, A. "Honoring The Women of Juarez" Latina

2010 Simon, S. "Mexican Artists Become Fixture In Washington Heights" The Arts NY1

2010 Pena, A. "Mexican artist exhibits work in homage to the Women of Juarez" Notimex

2010 "Andrea Arroyo, an artist committed to honoring women" The Daily Femme.

2010 Torrens, C. "Andrea Arroyo convoco..." El Mundo/ AP.

2010 Bader, D. "NoMAA Awards" Manhattan Times News.

2010 Camacho Servin, Francisco "Combaten creadores..." La Jornada, Mexico.

2010 Pena, Angelica "Exhiben artistas  muestra contra ley anti-inmigrante" Notimex.

2010 Gutierrez, V. "Andrea Arroyo convoco..." El Economista

2010 Torrens, C. "Mexicana denuncia ley Arizon en expo en NY" El Universal / AP.

2010 Ortiz, J.L. "Una pareja a la par" Pie Derecho, NY.

2010 "Latina Trailblazers: Andrea Arroyo, Artist and Social Activist" Defining Trends, NY.

2010 "Andrea Arroyo" Mujeres camino al exito-Women &

2010 Caruso, K. "The Bronx, a mosaic of public art" Bx360

2009 Hutzer, K. "Artist devotes herself to lost women"  Women's eNews

2009 San Francisco Examiner "Top Pick: Andrea Arroyo-Temptation Exhibit"

2009 "Andrea Arroyo" Modern Contemporary Design.

2009 "Bright and Bold" Where-San Francisco.

2009 "Artist Andrea Arroyo..." Art Business News.

2009 Vega, Patricia "Dos Mexicanos que la hicieron en Manhatitlan" Emeequis, Mexico.

2009 Rivera, Niza "Andrea Arroyo" Proceso Magazine, Mexico.       

2009 Pena, Angelica "Exponen mexicanos obra reciente en Nueva York" Notimex.   

2009 "Artist Andrea Arroyo" Manhattan Times News.

2009 Racine, Theresa "Art across 125th St. adds color and excitement" Harlem News.

2009 Guerrero, M. "Andrea Arroyo prepara exposicion en San Francisco" Notimex.

2009 "Bid on Culture street banners unveiled" New York Amsterdam News

2009 Gutierrez, V. "Billetes" El Economista, Mexico.

2009 "Art Seen: Andrea Arroyo" Manhattan Times News.

2008 Simon, S. "Artist celebrates women through art" The Arts NY1

2008 "Featured Artist: Andrea Arroyo" NYFA Bulletin.

2008 Garcia, B. "Andrea Arroyo Latin Week New York.

2008 "Andrea Arroyo: Evidence of Movement" NYFA

2008 "Newsmakers - Artist Andrea Arroyo" Manhattan Times News.

2007 Laemoa, Stephanie "Don't miss: Women Who Fly" San Francisco Chronicle.

2007 "Women Who Fly" ArtInfo San Francisco, CA.

2007 Wong, R. "Women - Andrea Arroyo" Nexos Magazine.

2007 Simon, S. "Artist Helps Students Complete Mural" The Arts NY1   

2007 Cheng, D. "Paintings by Andrea Arroyo" Shotgun

2006 Along the way, MTA Arts for Transit, New York, Monacelli Press.   

2006 Gonzalez, Carolina "Andrea Arroyo's Dancing Brush" New York Daily News, NY.

2006 Ricardo, J. "Mural by Mexican artist unveiled in Manhattan" La Jornada, Mexico.

2006 Gutierrez, V. "Andrea Arroyo paints New York" Stilo, Mexico.

2006 Prieto, M. "Andrea Arroyo - She doesn't sing, she paints" Univision

2006 "Official Latin Grammy Artist named - Andrea Arroyo"

2006 Gutierrez, V. "Art at the Latin Grammy-Andrea Arroyo" El Economista, Mexico.   

2006 "Mexican Artist creates for the Latin Grammy" Publimetro Mexico, Cover Story.

2006 City Art: New York's Percent for Art Program, New York, Merrel Publishers.

2006 Paredes, J. "Grammy Artist" El Diario, NY.

2006 "Great Art in San Francisco" San Francisco Examiner, CA.

2005 Villasmil, A. "Andrea Arroyo-Goddesses and Heroines" EFE, International.

2005 Gardner, James "Good Enough, for Government Work" The New York Sun.

2005 "The women: Flor de Vida-Andrea Arroyo" El Diario, NY.

2005 Calnek, Anthony The New Yorker Visits the Guggenheim. New York, The Guggenehim Museum.

2005 Gutierrez, V. "Santo y Sena - Andrea Arroyo" El Economista, Mexico City.

2004 Nunez, A. "Andrea Arroyo, Mexican Brushstroke" Expansion, Mexico. City.

2004 Alcazaba, Juan "Homage to the female figure" Art and Culture Nexos.

2004 Leff, G. "Artist in Residence, Andrea Arroyo" Columbia University, NY.

2004 Westerbeke, Julia "Latin Root, the L-Factor" Time Out New York, NY.

2004 Garcia-Vazquez, Marina "The L Factor" Planet.

2003 Marceles, E. "Andrea Arroyo: Heroines from history and goddesses from mythology" Hoy, NY.

2003 Cotter, Holland "A New Latino Essence" The New York Times.

2003 Vega, Maria "The Dance of Life" Art & Culture, El Diario, New York.

2002 Cotter, Holland "Amid the ashes, creativity" The New York Times.

2001 Orozco, Carlos "Mexican & Triumphant, Andrea Arroyo: a feminine line" Dos Puntos Mexico.

2001 Cespon, Teba "Andrea Arroyo / Bodies in Motion"

1999 Vega, Patricia "Andrea Arroyo: Eva-Ave" La Jornada, Mexico City.

1999 Nieves, M. "Outstanding Latinas of the Year: Andrea Arroyo" El Diario, NY.

1998 Cabral, Elena "Art Exhibit aims to shed light on Latin America" New York Newsday.

1997 The New York Times "A Celtic Mythological Hero...", NY.

1997 Vega, P. "Andrea Arroyo: A Journey from Dance to the Visual Arts" La Jornada, Mexico City.

1997 Krull, Kathleen "In Rosa's Mexico" The New York Times Book Review.

1997 CUNY Matters "Rare mounting of Yeats" New York.

1997 Liebenson, Bess "Children's Book Illustrators, All Women" The New York Times.

1997 Hershenson, Roberta "Author of Children's books" The New York Times.

1997 The Scarsdale Inquirer, "The Art of Andrea Arroyo" Scarsdale, NY.

1997 Lehman Lightning "A wonderful gift..." Lehman College, NY.

1996 Ciuraru, Carmela "Artist leaves mark..." Columbia University's The Bronx Beat, NY    1996 In Three Dimensions: Women Sculptors of the 90's. Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art.   

1996 Leon Portilla, Maria Luisa "Painter Andrea Arroyo..." Mexico City Times, Mexico.

1995 Raynor, Vivien "Fantasy in the Bronx..." The New York Times, NY.

1995 Hoeltzel, Susan "Mythologies: The Art of Andrea Arroyo" Lehman College, NY.

1995 Harrison, Helen "Exploring art and celebrating heritage" The New York Times.

1995 Lipson, Karin "Hispanic Heritage" New York Newsday, NY.

1995 The Smithtown News "Hispanic Roots Exhibition" Smithtown, NY.

1995 Greismann, Leah "Women on the Wall" San Francisco Sentinel, San Francisco, CA.

1995 Lader, Phyllis "Exhibit celebrates Hispanic heritage" The Smithtown News, NY.

1993 Hoeltzel, Susan "Contemporary Public Art in the Bronx" Exh.Cat., Lehman College.

1993 Espinosa, Pablo "Andrea Arroyo in New York: from dance to art" La Jornada.

1993 Noticias del Mundo "Agenda Cultural Mexicana: Andrea Arroyo" New York..

1992 McCormack, Ed "Rites of Fertility, birth and death" Artspeak, NY.

1993 Suarez del Solar "New York-Mexican Artist" Excelsior, Mexico City.

1992 Bard, Rick "Eight Women"  Manhattan, NY.

1992 Stromberg, G. "Dia de los Muertos" Mexican Notebook New York.

1991 Harrison, Helen A. "Putting the blame on Adam & Eve" The New York Times.

1991 Bland, Bernadette "Andrea Arroyo" The Daily Editor, Cobleskill, NY.

1990 Spika, Jay/Bloomberg, Judith "Andrea Arroyo" Freesia NY, cover feature.

1989 Hispanic Art News "Estilo Latino - Andrea Arroyo", New York.

1989 Curbelo, Silvia "Andrea Arroyo" Organica, Miami, FL, cover feature.

1989 Bernstein, Roberta "Sculpture '89" Exh.Cat., SUNY Albany Press, NY.

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