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BOOK RELEASE: ImagiNATIONS: Art as Solidarity

150 illustrated pages, published by NowWhat Media.. Signed/personalized copies: $30 including US shipping. PayPal or Zelle (preferred, email me)

"This is the premiere collection of the work of artist Andrea Arroyo whose ImagiNATIONS: Art as Solidarity is an ongoing series of images created in response to issues that touch us everyday, like immigration, civil and gender rights, displacement, gun violence, international conflicts, and the environmental crisis. In page after page of vivid color artwork she tackles these subjects with righteous indignation, deep empathy and visual grace. Her work is both hard-hitting and lyrical drawing on her Mexican heritage and her exquisite sense of graphic design."

Andrea Arroyo_ImagiNATIONS Cover_Front-Back.jpg

ImagiNATIONS: Art as Solidarity

I believe that art can change the world,  and that beauty is revolutionary


“Art as Solidarity” is an ongoing series of artworks created in response to issues that touch us everyday, like immigration, civil and gender rights, displacement, gun violence, international conflicts and the environmental crisis

The works reflect universal values of love, justice, equality and peace, and aim to build bridges across borders, languages and cultures, and to generate a dialogue about issues that are relevant at both the local and global level.

Bearing witness to injustice and political upheaval on a daily basis, inspires me to create images that not only document the turbulent times we live in, but also celebrate the beauty and resilience of the most vulnerable communities.

For me, art-making is a practice of hope in action, my hope is that these images will inspire reflection, empowering individuals and communities to create change, by raising their voices in empathy, in solidarity and in love.

The project lives in many forms: the printed page, online, gallery, museum and public art exhibitions, and the book: ImagiNATIONS: Art as Solidarity, published by NowWhatMedia.

Current exhibition at three Manhattan Art Institutions: The Hispanic Society Museum and Library, The Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum and The United Palace, from April-July 2022.

Selected works from the Solidarity series have been exhibited at the at the School of Visual Arts Gallery, Kimmel Galleries, City University, El Taller Latinoamericano, The Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz Center, Brooklyn South Oxford Space, National Women's Rights Gallery, Seneca Falls (NY,) Out North Gallery (AK,) Puffin Cultural Forum (NJ,) Marshall University (WV,) Porto Museu de Imprensa and Camara Municipal Caldas de Rahina (Portugal), San Antonio de los Baños Museum (Cuba), Centro Fontanarrosa (Rosario, Argentina,) Proloco Gallery (Gallarate, Italy), Turizm Akademisi (Anatolia, Turkey), and the National Museum of Bucovina (Romania.)

My work has been published on the cover of The New Yorker, and in The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Nation, The Manhattan Times, The Village Voice, Viceversa, The Midnight Sun, World War 3 Illustrated, Viceversa, The New York Women’s Foundation (USA,) El Universal, and Nexos (Mexico,) Hauser (Germany,) Chartis (Greece,) Voxeurop (Europe,) O Farelo (Spain,) Fanyblog, Buduar, WeEmpower and Libex (Italy.) Books include: Posters for Peace (Princeton Architectural Press,) and MexAmerica by Fey Berman (Proceso,) and many other publications, as well as in Cartooning for Peace.

Selections from "Solidarity" have been recognized with various awards, including First Prize at the United Nations Lurie International Award; the “Political Satire Award” at the Humor Biennial in Cuba; the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance Award, the Puffin Foundation Award, the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Award, and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Award.

Special Thanks to all supporters, including editors, publishers, collectors and organizations, including the Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance, the Uptown Art Stroll, Hispanic Federation, The Miranda Family Fund, Google, The Puffin Foundation, LMCC, UMEZ, The Hispanic Society Museum and Library and the Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum and the United Palace.


Two separate slide shows below focus on general social issues, and on the impact of the Pandemic.


(Please contact the artist for permissions, commissions, lectures, presentations and exhibitions.)

Andrea Arroyo_Solidarity HSML_Installation.jpg

Left: "Art as Solidarity"

Hispanic Society Museum, New York City, 2022

Features large-scale images in a public art display at Audubon Terrace.

Bottom: "Imaginations: Art as Solidarity" exhibition at the historic Morris-Jumel Mansion Museum, New York City 2022.

Features watercolors, drawings, prints, ceramics, cut paper, artist's books, publications and more.

Art as Solidarity_Morris-Jumel Mansion_Andrea Arroyo.jpg

SOLIDARITY - Section 1/2

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SOLIDARITY - Section 2/2 Pandemic-related Art

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